Mahesh aagadu item song photo

An infuriated fan of Superstar Mahesh Babu today at the spurt of the moment jumped into the river in Krishna district. Getting further into details all this happened over a cut out that was reportedly removed from the location in Vijayawada.

A record 100 feet cut out for Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film Aagadu was erected today near the main theater. However the concerned authorities removed the cut out immediately citing lack of permission. A dejected and hurt fan immediately jumped into the river. The person has been rescued and is currently safe but this incident once again highlights the way people are emotionally connected to the stars in Telugu cinema.

Aagadu is getting a massive release coming Friday worldwide. Fans of the star are expecting nothing short of a massive blockbuster in this combination which has earlier given the biggest hit Dookudu in Mahesh Babu’s career.