BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate is the current Superman of Indian Politics. The Modi wave is sweeping the nation and it is evident from the phases of polling completed till date. And now the Superman is all set to meet the Superstar. BJP’s General Secretary-in-charge of Tamil Nadu has confirmed that Narendra Modi has a private appointment to meet Rajinikanth at his residence on Sunday in Chennai.

Modi will be attending a Public meeting in Chennai and will meet Rajinikanth in the evening.Rajinikanth has this habit of supporting some party directly or indirectly during the elections. His fans usually go and vote by taking his word. So, the Saffron party is keen on this meeting to get the support of the big man.

Tamil Nadu Politics are mainly concentrated between regional parties so far. The National party is desperate to make some inroads in to the state. Interestingly, Telugu stars like Pawan Kalyan, Nagarjuna have flown all the way to Ahmedabad and waited for hours to meet the Modi and now Modi himself is flying down to meet the Superstar. Thats Rajinikanth for you! He can make elephants fly!