Shriya SaranActress often face offensive and provocative comments on social media. Here’s one such otherwise problematic situation that senior actress Shriya Saran faced while having a video interaction with her followers on Instagram.

While Shriya was in the midst of the interaction, a social media user commented “B**bs super”. And interestingly enough, Shriya read it out loud. It gets more interesting from here.

Shriya’s husband is right behind her and he hears the comment. But instead of a serious reaction, he takes it on a lighter note.

Shriya laughingly says “idiot, where did you see my boobs.” Her husband quickly reacts as he says “I agree with you guys. Man who said she has super b**bs, I agree with you. More comments on her b**bs please. We appreciate it”.

Shriya’s husband’s reaction to the otherwise offensive comment is surprisingly sportive. Netizens are surprised by how he dealt with the situation.