Sunitha's-Kids-Were-Cross-for-Not-Telling-About-EngagementSinger Sunitha‘s wedding had been the talk of the town for many days and there were two groups; one group siding Sunitha’s decision to remarry and the other group questioning her second marriage.

In a recent interview, Sunitha and Ram Veerapaneni went candid talking about their wedding and how things happened eventually. The world knew about the wedding only after the engagement pics came out.

But, it wasn’t a planned engagement, said Sunitha who met her in-laws for the first time and hence, as a gift they gave new sari and flowers as per the custom. However, these pics came out the next day and even Sunitha asked her why she didn’t tell them about the engagement.

They could have worn new clothes and got ready for the event. But, Sunitha had to tell them that it wasn’t a planned engagement but just a customary gesture towards her from the in-laws.

Having said that, we should agree that Sunitha’s kids acted maturely in this entire process and made her feel proud about them.