Sunil wants to be Telugu industry's Govinda

Remember how Govinda earned himself lot of popularity by entertaining audiences for years with his slapstick comedy and yet managed to play hero roles. Sunil now wants to follow in his footsteps and feels that’s the only way he earn the love and affection of his fans who have always embraced him for his comedy.

He said that Govinda is a great actor but he’s also considered one of the best comedians in the hero category. All that he did was entertain his fans for years and i want to the same. Sunil is aware that he might still be considered a comedian but he says all that matters to him is that he should entertain his fans irrespective of the role he essays.

Sunil’s Bheemavaram Bullodu is releasing today worldwide and the actor feels it’s his acid test after the debacle of his last film. He says it’s a film high on entertainment and will promise to entertain one and all.