Sunil---The-Comeback-Of-2018-That-Didn't-Register-At-AllIf we didn’t mention it specifically, many wouldn’t even recall about him or his comeback? That is in short how badly the return has been.

We are talking about comedian turned hero Sunil who made a comeback as comedian this year. Sunil in his return did films with Trivikram Srinivas, Srinu Vytla, and was part of an Allari Naresh flick, and nothing worked out for him.

The sad part here is that Sunil did not get registered at all. Such poor were the roles given to him that, while coming out of cinemas watching movies that starred Sunil, he was the last thing on the people’s mind. In some, he was totally forgotten.

We feel it was all due to poor writing and characters, given to Sunil. Here’s wishing the new year brings tonnes of luck and some new gen director gives him a fresh and memorable character that would bring back Sunil’s glorious comic timing. A talent like him needs to survive as he would be helpful in adding a lot of value to a project.