Sunil, Sunil Flop Movies List, Sunil Big Flops, Sunil Disaster Movies, Sunil Utter Flop Movies, Sunil Flop Films List, Sunil Utter Flop Films ListThe failure of his latest film Jakkanna will hurt Sunil big time as this is his second consecutive flop after Krishnashtami. The beaten to death formulae of outdated entertainers and Sunil choosing such projects has left him reeling these days.

He has lost his charm and this clearly shows on screen through his looks and performance. Sunil looks out of shape and needs to take evasive action fast or he can lose track of his career. He needs to think fast and choose good scripts or make a career move and go back to doing comedy and character roles.

Surprisingly, after Maryada Ramanna Sunil never had a hit and always has been struggling since then. Once a top comedian, Sunil changed gears after his first film became a hit. Now things have changed and Sunil is a difficult phase of his career and needs to do something right to get back in the game other wide whatever respect he has won over all over the years will be lost.