For Kanabadutaledhu, Sunil Is Really Kanabadutaledhu!Sunil’s Kanabadutaledhu was supposed to release on August 13th but the movie got postponed to the 19th of this month. The makers had a grand Pre-release event at a five-star hotel in Hyderabad preparing for the August 13th release but Sunil surprised everyone by skipping the event.

Back then, the makers came up with a bizarre reason saying that he could not come as he is busy shooting for another film. Now, the movie is releasing on the 19th and there is absolutely zero promotional activity of the film and Sunil has totally disappeared.

This gives rise to doubts if things are really well between the actor and the team. Sree Vishnu’s Raja Raja Chora and even a small film like Crazy Uncles (starring Sreemukhi) are much ahead of Kanabadutaledhu in promotions. Sunil may have many reasons to stay away from the promotions but it is not right to desert a film just before the release.

Moreover, it does not help him at this stage of his career where he is still trying to regain his lost glory. Kanabadutaledhu was supposed to be an OTT release on SparkOTT but it has taken the theatrical route at the last minute.