Poor-Sunil---Who-Will-Give-Him-a-BreakNo luck seems to be shining on comedian Sunil recently after he came back to the usual comedian roles. None of his come back roles was well-written and therefore, he turned out to be a failure comedian, now.

He actually enjoyed a golden phase as a popular comedian with a peculiar body language and his style of dialogue delivery. After he turned hero, Sunil kind of lost that subtlety he used to show with his mannerisms and facial expressions.

Hero characters did him no good and made him lose what he had as a famous comedian who ruled the Telugu Industry with back-to-back offers. Only an author-backed comic role can do the miracle for him to be hit back with a bang.

Let’s wait and see if there is something coming that would resurrect his come back career as a comedian. People say that he has been waiting for offers, and we hope that he would be picked up for a character that can bring him back into the limelight.