Sundeep Kishan Ventures into Food BusinessNow a days, thing are not quite certain as to how time can turn fortunes in the film industry.Two hits in a row your career is set for the next few years. But what if the same two films flop, things can go haywire anytime.

So, taking such situations in consideration many young actors have ventured into their own businesses. Among them is the lucrative food and beverages industry.

Many stars have their own restaurants and food joints just in case things do not go well for them. So after Nithin opening his new place called T-Grill now it is the turn of Sundeep Kishan to open his own restaurant.

The young hero will soon open his food joint called Vivaha Bhojanambu in the plush Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad. He will have a star studded launch this Thursday where all the celebs will be attending and promoting the joint.

Looks like the young hero is very clear that if things do not work out career wise he should readily have another alternative in hand.