Sundeep-Kishan-run-movie-talkSundeep Kishan hit jackpot with the film Venkatadri Express few years ago. It was followed by a slew of films which though didn’t match the ‘Express’ run, were all decent openers irrespective of the talks they had. The last of such film was Tiger and it was released in summer last year just before Baahubali.

Unfortunately for the actor, in the wake of Baahubali everything else that preceded it has been forgotten completely. Post Baahubali two other heroes seen as contemporaries of Sundeep Kishan simply marched ahead with bigger successful films. Now it feels as of Sundeep has not just been left behind but simply forgotten in the wake of those successes.

After a long gap Sundeep Kishan is returning with Run. However the bad thing is despite the holiday factor the bookings are pretty low. It will surely be a set back to him if the film fails commercially at box office without getting decent opening. He would literally have to rerun all the miles again to reach the stage he was at in summer last year. Had bad release strategy hurt his career? We will know the answers in few hours.