SundeepKishanYoung and talented actor Sundeep Kishan is keenly awaiting the release of his upcoming action drama, Michael. As a part of the promotional campaign, he sat down for an exclusive chitchat with

When we asked why Sundeep took a special interest in Michael, he said “Yes, it is true that I tried to meticulously plan every aspect of the film, such was my trust in it. The director, Ranjit is an absolute genius. He has already been blocked for 4 projects in the future, such was the impact of the trailer”.

“I wanted to showcase myself as an action hero who can pull off these intense and powerful characters. When a master craftsman like Rajamouli garu wants to cast a young actor with this description, I want to present myself as one.”

Sundeep added that Michael is set in 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s era and it will cover two generations of feuds. He seemed extremely confident about the film. The actor also revealed how his physical condition took a beating after he went on a coffee and egg-white diet for 2 weeks to shoot one particular sequence in the film.

Michael is directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi and produced by Asian Cinemas. The film is set for release on the 3rd of February. It is getting a pan Indian release.