Sundeep Kishan’s Bad Luck ContinuesThe long delayed Maayavan which finally looked like releasing on September 1 has been postponed again. The new release date is not yet clear, but it won’t be arriving on September 1st for sure.

Maayavan marked the directorial debut of producer CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment. Sandeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi are the leads in this thriller where the former plays a cop. There was a real buzz around the project on its launch and subsequent updates regarding its release. However, numerous delays have made people lose interest.

Thanks to the presence of Sundeep Kishan, a simultaneous Telugu release is also in works. In Telugu, it is titled Project Z. Right now there is no clarity on the release of any version. It also makes many wondering if Sundeep Kishan’s other release C/O Surya will arrive on time. Unfortunately, it has been a trend with many films of the actor, and it is making his films fare poorly at the box office. Nakshatram is the biggest example.