Sundar C, Sundar C Baahubali, Sundar C Robo 2.0, Sundar C High Budget Movie, Sundar C VFX Tamil Movie, Sundar C dream movieWill somebody make a film for the sake of beating another movie or for the passion of making a movie with an intriguing story? Tamil film maker C.Sundar says he wants to make a film to beat ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Enthiran 2’ (‘2.0’).

The film maker says his film is going to be bigger than the budget of Baahubali and Rajnianth’s sequel of Robot and hence would be taking two years for making the film. He is going to direct the film as 100th film of very popular production house Sri Thenandal Films.

Since the director has roped in Kamal Kannan for supervising the computer graphics works for this pretigious film, we know that the film maker indeed means he is going to compete with ‘Baahubali’. He is presently busy in scripting the story and the technicians are busy in Denmark, US, UK, Mumbai and Hyderabad.