Suma-Makeupless-Avatar-Going-ViralSuma has been ruling the television industry for more than a couple of decades, and she is still going strong. Looking at her busy schedule, one would doubt if she ever gets some moments for herself without makeup.

If you are one among those with the same doubt, Suma has shared a video on her Insta wall showing her makeup-less avatar. Actually, Suma seems to be more natural and beautiful without makeup. Of course, her looks with make-up are also equally beautiful.

The latest video showing off her skin breathing without make-up is going viral on social media. Looks like, Suma has some lucky charm that makes her the winner every time she does something new.

There is nobody near her in competition and when it comes to hosting pre-release events and other film-related events, there is no match for the top anchor whose oratory skills have given her the unmatched position in the industry.