Sumanth Mahesh Babu Friendship Relation Feedback MoviesMany of us might not be aware that actor Sumanth and superstar Mahesh Babu are good friends right from the beginning of their respective careers. They used to gel well and hang out together along with director Jayanth. Now, the duo’s priorities had changed.

Mahesh is a married man with kids while Sumanth is a divorcee, who chose to be single. Are they thick friends even now ? Though their priorities had changed, Sumanth says that Mahesh is still his bestie though the superstar chooses to spend most of his time with family. Nevertheless, Sumanth watches all the movies of Mahesh Babu and gives him his feedback, whether good or bad.

He is still in touch with Mahesh Babu and says that Mahesh is his favourite actor. Coming to his films, Sumanth took a gap of almost two years after his grandfather legendary Akkineni Nageshwara Rao’s demise and is ready with his next movie ‘Naruda Donaruda’, the Telugu remake of Bollywood movie ‘Vicky Donor’.