Rajiv Kanakala, Rajiv Kanakala Suma Kanakala Divorce Rumor, Rajiv Kanakala Suma Kanakala Divorce Gossips, Suma Rajiv Kanakala Divorce Rumor GossipStar anchor Suma Kanakala and her husband Rajeev are said to be one of the sweetest couples who compliment and encourage each other. Is all well between the two? Won’t there be any ego clashes between them regarding the success Suma is enjoying since two decades?

Rajeev clarifies that they do have clashes, but those are like the regular clashes between a wife and a husband. There are no differences regarding their respective stature in the glamour industry. However, rumours keep surfacing claiming about the couple.

Rajeev explained about an episode in at an airport when some fan came to him to ask if everything is well between Suma and Rajeev and if they are living together? Rajeev checked his phone and was shocked to find the headline ‘Suma said good bye to Rajiv’. Though the headline was misleading, the inner content had nothing serious about their relationship says Rajiv talking about one of the weird rumors he faced about their relationship.