The film ‘Sukumarudu’ which stars young actors Aadi and Nisha Aggarwal in the lead roles hit the screens yesterday. The film is based on the story of a self-centered person who changes for the better when he comes to India. The story is a very old one, similar to that of ‘Greeku Veerudu’. But the film turned out to be major disappointment as very less effort was made and the screenplay is also very bad.

The major turn-offs about the movie included Aadi’s acting which fell flat. A lot of themes were attempted to be portrayed in the film, like father-son issues and other things like an NRI trying to reform his village, but none of these thing were managed properly. The lack of basic comedy as well as the presence of a clichéd plot also works against the favor of the film.

Even though there were so many things wrong with the film, it has an underlying storyline which could have been made better by some effort.