Sukumar’s real life story on reel life

Director Sukumar who is busy with the final stages of latest venture took some time to have a chat with a daily. The director revealed many interesting facts in the interview and one among them was related to his personal life. The director said that he had a love marriage and when quizzed about how it happened he said that, it can’t be answered in a few words in an interview instead it would be made as a film sooner rather than later.

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The director also said that this wouldn’t be a first for him, making a film with real life incidents as inspiration. He said that he has in the past made the film Jagadam too similarly. The basic idea of Jagadam he says was inspired by the lives of his elder brothers during his growing up days. If one remembers the film they would know that Ram had a little brother in the film, well, the director said that the little brother character was him in real life. Jagadam has over the years acquired cult status among the movie lovers, this new revelations would surely add a new perspective to how they see the film from now onwards.