Glasses or fancy goggles have always been a great fashion accessory in a men’s repertoire. When director Sukumar sat down for a candid chat with a tabloid, he was asked about this phenomenon since the actors in his films are seen sporting glasses these days. Case in point is Naga Chaitanya in 100 % Love, Allu Arjun in Arya 2 and most recently, Mahesh in 1- Nenokkadine. Sukumar however replied nonchalantly that men don’t have a lot of fashion accessories other than glasses. Aside from a change in hairstyle, not much can be done for a hero’s look. But as far as glasses are concerned, they completely transform an actor’s look.

Other than this, Sukumar also talked about how he doesn’t like it when people claim his men always have a shade of grey in them. He explained that each and every person has lots of emotional, which includes shades of jealousy, evny etc which he shows in his films.