Sukumar’s begins star hunt for his next
Director Sukumar might take a lot of time to come out with a new picture but producer Sukumar is already raring to go. The director, who has developed a cult base for him over the years thanks to his various out of the box and daring films, is finally turning a producer to produce small films and give life to newcomers who might otherwise find it very difficult to enter the film industry.

True to his choices as a filmmaker, the producer in Sukumar too is believed to be coming up with a completely fresh concept. He is currently on lookout for actors in this production of his. Meanwhile for his own directorial venture the director is reportedly going to take some time before jumping on to anything. This could mean a big gap once again judging by the previous experiences and hence this production has become even more special for the fans as they can get a dose of the director at least this way.