Sukumar Upset With Allu ArjunPushpa is the most prestigious project in the careers of both Allu Arjun and Sukumar. It will mark the ‘pan-India’ debut of the talented duo. But things aren’t progressing quite as expected for the big-budget celluloid as the last-minute mad rush has set in.

The final copy of Pushpa: The Rise’s Telugu version was sent to satellite projection service, Qube just today. With just over 24 hours to go for the film’s premieres, the delay in delivering the content to Qube has resulted in a strange development.

It is heard that the makers are having to push themselves to the limit to ensure ‘on-time’ release for Pushpa: The Rise. The unit is trying extremely hard to make sure that the USA premiers are screened as per schedule, a last-minute frenzy we don’t often associate with a project of Pushpa’s scale. It is also said that the other language versions might not even be released on 17th December due to the censor issues and pending editing work. And Sukumar has no one else to blame but Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun was very persistent about the December 17 release slot. And Sukumar was always skeptical about the release plan as he was unsure if he would actually be able to complete the project on time, given its scale and the amount of post production that was left to be done. But he had to push himself to the very limit to abide by the release plan.

Sukumar didn’t even attend Pushpa’s promotions and was sitting on the editing table, working on the final copy day in day out. But the odds were always stacked against him as there was too much to do in too little time. Ideally, Sukumar, who settles for nothing other than perfect would have wanted more time to complete the project, but he didn’t have the option as Allu Arjun wanted to stick to December 17 release no matter what.

Sukumar had to go through extreme pressure to get the final copy readied at the very last minute. He certainly wouldn’t have been ready for something like this after scoring a box office blockbuster with Rangasthalam. So, he is said to be upset with Allu Arjun for imposing an irrational release plan which mounted enormous pressure on him.

Usually, we see low-budget films struggling to release on time, mostly due to financial woes. But in the case of Pushpa, ‘time’ proved to be the enemy. With hours to go for the film’s release, there is a whole lot of uncertainty pertaining to its release. We don’t often see a big-ticket film facing such problems.