Sukumar Rajamouli Director Sukumar is not only SS Rajamouli’s favorite director but also the one whom the RRR maker considers a competitor in the business. Rajamouli has praised Sukumar and his films to the skies on many occasions. He even loved his Jagadam and 1-Nenokkadine, which were flops at the box office.

Rajamouli recently also said he is most excited about Sukumar’s upcoming film with Ram Charan.

Yesterday, Sukumar took to his social media account and posted the pic of SS Rajamouli winning the prestigious award at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2022 as Best Director for RRR. He captioned the pic, “My Hero!”

It’s great to see two of our most talented makers making a splash on the national and international levels. And it is even more amazing that they are both fans of each other.