Sukumar Raising Heat for NTR’s Pan-Indian FilmDirector Buchi Babu Sana proved his mettle with the film Uppena. Though the film was a routine romantic drama, fresh pairing, Vijay Sethupathi, and solid songs made the film click and brought a good name to the director.

Since then, Buchi Babu Sana has not announced his second film officially. But it is more or less certain that he will direct NTR next and the film will be an action drama.

Things have gone to the next level now as Sukumar, who gave break to Buchi Babu posted a video where he wished the director by saying that he will be celebrating Buchi Babu’s birthday in a special way next year with the success of a pan-India film.

Sukumar also said that as he knows the story of Buchi Babu’s next film with NTR and he is super confident that the project will surely be a huge hit at the Indian box office.

This new clip has made fans happy and now the expectations on the film have gone even higher.