Sukumar Promotes Keeravani Son SimhaRangasthalam Vijayotsavam event went all smiles of the celebrities with all the speakers praising the work of Sukumar and Sukumar says he was only a co-director sometimes and his team is the one that did the actual direction for the movie to be this successful.

He introduces every technician under the direction department and during the same, he unveiled an interesting identity of his assistant director Simha. “Simha is like Basha”, he said. As Sukumar says, Simha came to him asking for the opportunity to work under him and after he selected the man, and started to work with him, he got to know that Simha is the son of Keeravani.

“Keeravani would have just given a call and I would have taken Simha without a question”, says Sukumar. Yet, he chose not to use his father’s identity and got the project. That is how parenting should be, said Sukumar. In a way, Sukumar made Keeravani and his family happy by promoting him on stage.