Sukumar loses his cool

Director Sukumar who has become the centre of attraction post the release of 1 Nenokkadine recently lost his cool. The director was interacting with a viewer when this incident happened. A caller mentioned the director about his disappointment with the movie and that the director has failed to reach the expectations. The director lost his cool and in response he gave an explanation to the caller with a snide remark that included him calling the person having psychological disorder. The director however immediately controlled himself and apologized for it.

1 Nenokkadine released on January 10 is carrying negative talk and most of the blame has been put on the director for the way the film has turned out. Many have been endlessly ranting on him which seems to have taken a toll on him. Sukumar who usually looks very jovial and happy looked visibly shaken at few promotional events recently. May be its time the team give the director a break from promotions. What do you say?