Suhana Khan InstagramSo, which Khan in Bollywood is making to the headlines for their looks, nowadays? Is it Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan? None of them. It’s Suhana Khan, the nineteen-year old daughter of Shahrukh Khan who is making the heads turn.

Suhana Khan has stepped out in this perfect Summer party attire. It’s normal that the paparazzi didn’t miss clicking her photos as she has all the potential to turn the heads as she is the Bollywood diva in the making.

She is just a19-year old but, has the matured glamourous looks one can’t rule out. Of course, she has the advantage of being Bollywood Baadshah’s daughter. It’s a known thing that she wants to become an actress and her father has approved her decision, anyway.