Kailash Kher gopala gopalaThe top heroes of Telugu Film Industry mostly get to essay larger than life characters that can transcend against the vulnerable human physical strength and failures. Audiences see someone like our epic characters in our heroes. Many songs come in handy to establish such characters to add for their larger than life image on-screen.

One such song took the Telugu music lovers by storm. ‘Pandagala Digivachaavu’ son from ‘Mirchi’ is one such song which establishes the hero’s character as a saviour of masses and a nightmare for the villains. Khailash Kher, the Indian pop-rock singer who has got an unique quality that can inspire and instill energy with raw high-pitched voice lent his voice for the song. That is what he did with ‘Mirchi’ song.

Once again Kailash Kher, the sufi singer is ready to swoon Telugu audience with his unique voice in ‘Gopala Gopala’. Khailash Kher’s voice would definitely add weight to the theme of the film which revolves around epic character Lord Krishna. To elevate such themes, to make audience think and to establish the connection; such voice adds immense value. Right choice indeed!