Director Sudheer VarmaSudheer Varma emerged as a promising director with Swamy Ra Ra. But his subsequent films like Dochay and Ranarangam failed at the box office. Now he is coming up with an action thriller Ravanasura with Ravi Teja.

Recently, lyrical videos of three songs from the film were released. It is being said that there will be another bit song also in the film. Many are of the opinion that in a film that is touted to be a racy psychological thriller, the insertion of three songs might prove to be a deterrent.

But director Sudheer Varma has a different take on it. In a recent exclusive chitchat with our team, he said that when he was approached to direct the film, the story written by Srikanth Vissa was already approved by Ravi Teja. He was really impressed with the story written by Vissa, who also worked on the script of Pushpa.

Varma said that there are three crucial twists in the film that will shock the audience. Before the first twist is revealed, there was some scope to add some commercial elements like one song, but after the first twist, he went with whatever was written in the script without changing a single thing. The songs in the film will only take the narrative forward and they were not added just for commercial sake.

A success at this time is very crucial for the director who has potential to deliver another different film like Swamy Ra Ra in near future.

Ravanasura is produced by Abhishek Nama in association with RT Team Works. Megha Akash, Daksha Nagarkar, Faria Abdullah, and Poojitha Ponnada have been roped in to play crucial roles. The film is scheduled to release on April 7.