Sudheer babu son karate kid movieStar kids aren’t new to the film industry. Some star kids, making their debut as child artist also is not a big surprise. Even superstar Mahesh Babu also made his debut as a child artist. Like his uncle, Mahesh’s nephew has made his debut in ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’. His father, young hero Sudheer Babu is gushing over the enthusiasm of his son for his interest on films.

Sudheer thinks that he needs to encourage his son who is dreaming of only movies and learning a new thing everyday regarding movies. He wants to make a film with his son like Karate kid kind of film after a year. Coming to his film ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’, Sudheer is confident that his movie will be a hit.

One correct film with good story will make him a star said Mahesh Babu during the audio launch of the film. But Sudheer wants this to happen gradually. He doesn’t want to become an overnight star. He wants to enjoy the process of becoming a star says Sudheer. One has to wait and see if Bhale Manchi Roju will be his card to stardom.