Hunt, The Next Victim of English Title?The film industry is full of sentiments and superstitions. Of late, films like The Ghost and Godfather have hit the screens with English titles. While Thank You and The Ghost have been total washouts, GodFather, despite a positive talk, failed to do any wonders.

Recently, a controversy erupted around the title of Sudheer Babu’s next movie Hunt. The young director and actor, Nikshit, maintains that he had registered the name for the film and now Sudheer Babu’s film is being readied with the same title.

Nikshit maintains that the trailer, teaser, and posters have been released by makers Bhavya Creations, which is bound to cause severe losses for his own production. He further adds that Bhavya Creations haven’t abided by Film Chamber’s suggestion to consider a title change as Hunt was registered in the past.

In all, looks like English titles don’t seem to be working for Telugu films. Recently, in another incident, Ram Pothineni’s film titled Warrior was facing problems and an additional r was added and changed to The Warriorr.

Tollywood filmmakers must realize that if they want to name the film in English, they must choose different and unique titles instead of titles like Warrior or Hunt which are too regular and predictable.

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