Hunt Telugu MovieSudheer Babu is coming up with a suspenseful action thriller Hunt. Sudheer Babu is playing the role of an intense cop once again after V. The film is the remake of the 2013 Malayalam cult psychological thriller Mumbai Police.

Recently GodFather movie was trolled by Malayalam movie fans as they felt that Chiru would ruin the original film, Lucifer, which was made memorable by Mohanlal. This happened after Chiru made an open comment that Lucifer wasn’t a perfect film but Telugu version has been modified to fix the issues in the original.

Now Hunt is also getting hate from Mallu fans for ruining their cult film, Mumbai Police. Recently, the makers of hunt released an item song from the film which is inviting more trolls. As the original was a serious no-nonsense gritty thriller with no such item songs, Mallu fans are trolling Hunt and Sudheer Babu for adding such gimmicks.

They also feel that Sudheer Babu can never match up to Prithviraj’s performance which is considered one of his career best. It was funny to see some Mallu fans also tagging the Twitter account of Mumbai Police and asking them to arrest the team of Hunt movie.

The Malayalam film was hugely appreciated when it was released as it tackled a very bold and taboo theme at that time. But now the audience has seen many movies on such issues on OTT and it might not create the same impact.

We have to wait and see if the Telugu remake will follow the same ending twist as in the original or will the director has a surprise up his sleeve.

Hunt is directed by Mahesh Surapaneni and is produced under the banner of Bhavya Creations.