Sudeep Hiding Out of Political Pressure

In an upsetting turn of affairs, it has come to our attention that Kannada actor Sudeep had to leave the country in order to avoid the pressure to join the electoral fray. Sources close to the actor revealed media that he was under pressure to contest from Raichur Constituency in Central Karnataka on a Congress ticket. The sources even said that had it not been for MY Hanumanthappa’s name already recommended for Bellary, that constituency would also have been good. But Sudeep certainly is determined to avoid the whole politics thing and has quietly slipped out of the country to enjoy a quiet holiday earlier this week. The vacation is understood to last a fortnight after which Sudeep is expected to return to the city.

This is clearly not first for the actor, having been asked to contest the election in both 2009 and 2011 by interested parties to which Sudeep had responded by going into hiding for some time.