Sudeep comments on baahubali ‘Eega’ villain Sudeep got a substantial role in Rajamouli’s most acclaimed movie nationally and internationally in ‘Eega’. But coming to ‘Baahubali’, Sudeep is going to appear in a cameo role as Aslaam Khan and that too towards the climax of the epic movie he will have just two dialogues as revealed by the star. A clear indication that this cameo might extend into another substantial role in part-2 of ‘Baahubali’.

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Sudeep says he shot for only seven days but his co-star in ‘Baahubali’ deciphers Rajamouli’s smile to 100 more days of shooting for Sudeep in ‘part 2’. Sudeep isn’t sure though and opines that Rajamouli does whatever is needed for his film. So predictions might not help. One can never say!

In Sandalwood, Sudeep is a superstar. But here in Telugu and Tamil movies, he is humble enough to lay his superstar status aside and do character driven characters in epic size movies like ‘Baahubali’ and Vijay’s ‘Puli’ in Tamil. But the star is hopeful that Kannada market is opening up and soon there would be such huge budget movies coming from Sandalwood also.

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