Suddenly Hugs & Kisses Became Weapons – Hot Actress

Suddenly-Hugs-&-Kisses-Became-Weapons---Hamsa-NandiniWe knew Hamsa Nandini as a hot actress who is regularly seen in our Telugu movies either essaying a hot role as a seductress or for a special item number to woo the audiences.

The actress has shared a very hot picture of herself but on the contrary, her post was truly philosophical and makes us wonder how true her words were.

Corona has made hugs and kisses weapons. She states that Paris is no more romantic and Mumbai suddenly came to a standstill.

It’s truly ironic that not visiting our grandparents is now considered an act of love. She observed, “Finally, we realise power is not that valuable and money is not that powerful.” Well said, Hamsa Nandini. We least expected such words of wisdom along with your hot pic.

By the way, though guys may not like to have hugs or kisses at this moment, they can at least cherish them in their dreams with a beauty like Hamsa Nandini entertaining them.

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