Boyapati_SrinuBoyapati Srinu delivered a mindblowing blockbuster, Akhanda, when the industry was in the doldrums due to the pandemic. The film rejuvenated the spirits in and outside the industry and started the ball rolling for Tollywood. Now he is directing Ram Pothineni in his next.

Boyapati has this habit of disappearing after his movie’s run. He will be visible in the media only when he has a movie release. Or else, he goes into a shell where he will spend all his time concentrating only on his work.

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He seems to prefer to have no deviations other than his work and family. Boyapati doesn’t attend any events or parties. Irrespective of their films, many filmmakers try to hog the media limelight to be in the minds of the audience. But Boyapati prefers to come in front of the media only during movie promotions to talk about his movie.

Despite being one of the most successful directors, Boyapati has the least visibility among his contemporaries.

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