Success Meet: Less About GodFather, More About GarikapatiMegastar’s Godfather movie ‘success’ meet was held at HICC in Hyderabad yesterday. Chiranjeevi along with the film’s team participated in this event.

Recently there was a controversy where Garikapati Narasimha Rao spoke harshly to Chiranjeevi during an event. So in the Godfather success event, everyone used the opportunity to praise Chiru to the skies and indirectly troll Garikapati. It was less about Godfather the movie and more about Chiranjeevi and Garikapati controversy.

Director Bobby, who is directing Megastar’s next film, praised director Mohan Raja for showing Megastar so powerfully. But while concluding the speech, he said a recent controversy happened two days ago when some people tried to humiliate Chiranjeevi. But Chiru with a smile on his face gave it back to them. He said that Chiru is a symbol of a silent explosion.

Chota K Naidu did his usual overaction by calling Chiranjeevi his mother father, teacher, and god. Then he also dragged the Garikapati episode where he said how can anyone insult Chiranjeevi. But the way Chiru handled the episode with dignity is praiseworthy and he said he learned a lot again from this episode.

Songwriter Anantha Sriram also joined the party and quoted a story from Ramayana and in a way said that Chiranjeevi is Rama and Garikapati is a crow who should remember his place.

Producer NV Prasad also praised the honesty and big-heartedness of Chiranjeevi. He also recollected the time when Chiranjeevi sold off his properties to clear all debts while shutting down Praja Rajyam Party. He slammed those who speak and write shoddy things about such a great person.

In a nutshell, The Godfather Success meet event turned out to be an exercise in the pampering of Megastar’s ego and bashing his detractors.