Subbaraju Reveals First Experience with Baahubali-2Actor Subbaraju is working with Rajamouli for the first time for ‘Baahubali-2’. “To encounter this kind of making is the first time for me. Maybe, this kind of film needs such a kind of making,” are the words of Subbaraju on his opinion about Rajamouli’s style of filmmaking.

He shot with heavy jewelry and makeup and with animals for the movie. He had to ride a chariot drawn by horses.

One of the horses was accustomed to the word ‘ready’ and it is like ‘action’ for the horse. Once, they used the word ‘ready’ to ask if the actor was ready, the next minute, the horse started running and he was on the ground at the wheel of the chariot which was reeling round.

Subbaraju has crucial scenes and most of his scenes are with Prabhas. Though the actor didn’t like to reveal much, even this information is okay for the time being. What say?