Stupid Questions On Nani And Krithi‘s Bold ScenesA noted Telugu media portal has found the most inappropriate way to interview team Shyam Singha Roy who have been aggressively promoting the film for the past few days.

“You(Nani) are a natural star and she(Krithi) is a young actress who is new to the industry. Did you two feel comfortable while acting in the romantic scenes that we saw in the trailer,” the reporter asked team SSR.

Sai Pallavi was quick to react. “In the film, we play respective characters. There is a certain setup and mood-setting that go into the making of such scenes. On screen, we are actors. Now(off-screen), we are just typical individuals. We don’t feel uncomfortable while filming such scenes. We feel uncomfortable while you ask questions like these,” Sai Pallavi told the interviewer in a subtle manner.

But the interviewer didn’t stop at that. She asked Krithi “You debuted with Uppena. There was this sizzling Jala Jala Patham song. Now, there are a few romantic shots featuring you. What do you have to say?”

Well, being an interviewer, one must have a basic idea of what to ask the actors and what not to. Asking a teenage actress if she felt comfortable while acting in romantic scenes is as stupid as it can get. Actors are bound to act in certain scenes if the script demands.