Struggling-Star-Kid-Dhruv-Vikram's-Emotional-Ode-to-FatherIt’s not easy for any father who wants a perfect launch for his son to introduce the guy to the world as his successor. For that conviction and consistent efforts, Dhruv Vikram’s son wrote an emotional note for his father.

The Father’s Day message has it all, the way his father has been doing everything for him, being with him every day, no matter what he wasn’t settling for anything inferior. There is more in that emotional note and Vikram deserves every word.

The first version of the remake ‘Varmaa’ got dumped. Vikram was with his son keeping all his commitments aside. One can understand how much he has been craving and working hard to ensure that his son gets a good introduction as an actor.

That’s why Dhruv is proud of his father. Hope, a father’s hard work pays off. The teaser of the second version ‘Adithya Varma‘ was better than the first one. Rest of the things for another time, folks.