Lyca-Productions-PiracyThere is a lot going on in the Tamil Film Industry in the form of allegations and counter-allegations since Vishal was elected as the President of the Tamil Films Producers Council. Industry seniors like Radha Ravi and TN Rajendhar are totally miffed with the young hero.

The latest allegations came from an online whistleblower site claiming that Lyca Productions is encouraging piracy and Vishal has hired an external agency to collect information on piracy sites and he is also supporting Lyca because it has agreed to fund his movies. Further, the online site alleged that is behind all the piracy websites including the menacing Tamilrockers.

While Vishal asked for evidence with regard to the allegations, the popular production house Lyca Productions came up with a counter press note denying the allegations and providing all the statistics regarding the domain, how it was acquired by Lyca Productions in 2017 and how it was once acquired by one Tamil Tamilan in 2014 who didn’t renew it.