tollywood interviewsWhenever a film releases in Tollywood, there is a pattern in the promotions. A week before the movie release, we will have interviews by the hero, heroine, director, and producers of the film along with a Pre-release event. There are interviews to the entire media combined and also to the exclusive interviews to the TV Channels, Websites, and Newspapers.

These are the basic promotions while some teams plan Pre-release tours and other innovative promotions. But then, something is really strange with September 17th releases (Nithiin’s Maestro and Sundeep Kishan’s Gully Rowdy) and September 24th release (Naga Chaitanya’s Love Story). All three heroes are not coming before the media.

Maestro team has given some exclusive interviews. The film’s heroine – Nabha Natesh and director Merlapaka Gandhi gave common interviews to the media. Tamannaah has skipped the interviews owing to her busy schedule and only attended the Pre-release event. Nithiin participated in the exclusive interviews but did not have a common chit-chat with the entire media.

Gully Rowdy team went on some Pre-release tours, had a Pre-release event, and has been giving some exclusive interviews to TV channels. But then, there is not even a single media interview from the cast and crew of the team including Sundeep Kishan.

Things will be more or less with next week’s release, Love Story as well. Naga Chaitanya is interacting only with selected journalists and media channels. He has a strong reason to evade the questions about his personal life for skipping the common media interviews. The select journalists were also strictly instructed not to ask anything beyond the film.

It has come as a surprise only in the case of Nithiin and Sundeep Kishan who do that for every movie of them.