Director Sandeep Reddy VangaSandeep Reddy Vanga, after delivering two blockbusters, one in Telugu and another in Hindi is still at the crossroads with regarding to his next project. We have already written about his movie ‘Devil’ and the probability of Ranbir Kapoor walking away from the project.

Now, the latest reports from Bollywood suggest that Ranbir Kapoor isn’t ready to take up a negative character at this point of his career. So, he is going to say no to Sandeep Reddy Vanga and the director has to search for another hero in Bollywood.

As we know, Ranbir Kapoor is also not a ruling star in Bollywood but his talent as a performer has many takers. If he is re-considering taking up ‘Devil’, then, it means, Sandeep Reddy has to move on.

It’s a known thing, Mahesh was said to have rejected the offer as he wasn’t interested in a total grey character that has darkness. Hollywood and international audiences have a thing for dark roles but, audiences in India may not accept their stars in playing extremely dark roles.