YS Jagan - RRR - KadapaNTR and Ram Charan are supposed to be on either side have come together doing a multistarer film, RRR, thanks to Rajamouli. Everyone is eager to see how both the fans conduct themselves in theaters when the movie releases on January 7th.

The police department is also keeping an eye on any untoward incidents that may happen at the theaters. Accordingly, Kadapa (CM Jagan’s own district) Police have decided not to allow the cutouts and banners of individual heroes at the theaters when the movie releases.

They clarified to the fans that any cutouts or banners should be for both the heroes. That is almost next to impossible because one hero fans would not like another hero on their banners. So, this is leading to a deadlock-like situation in the district. Fans are trying to convince the authorities about the same.

We also saw how fans associations have decided to divide theaters so that fans of one hero do not see the movie in the theaters given to the other hero at least on the first day of the movie release.