Naga babu daughter Audi car giftA cute picture in which Niharika posed with an expensive Audi car gifted by her doting father which went viral online making daughters jealous of her for having a father who makes her feel so precious and treats her like a princess.

In a recent interview, the topic of this swanky car came into discussion. Niharika maintained that it was a surprise and pretended she didn’t know that her father is going to gift her a car. Naga Babu speaks very honestly saying that Niharika forced him to buy the car.

Naga Babu says he never drove such an expensive car himself. But he had to give in to his daughter’s wish. He also says that she always had this list of expensive things like ‘tree house’ since her childhood but for all those unfulfilled wishes, this Audi car is a big penalty he payed for his daughter. How sweet!