Sekhar Kammula - Love Story- Saranga DariyaNaga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi starrer Love Story has opened to a stupendous reception at the box office. However, there is one main complaint about the Sekhar Kammula directorial and that is regarding the placement of the blockbuster Saranga Dariya.

Saranga Dariya, being a celebratory song comes while the narrative is serious and moreover, it is placed in the penultimate stage of the latter half, which isn’t the ideal time for a song like Saranga Dariya. But as we dug deep we got to know the story behind this placement error.

Apparently, following the censor scrutiny, Sekhar Kammula was told that the second half of the film was a bit too single layered and it needed some zest to hold the attention of the viewers. They advised Sekhar to move Saranga Dariya to the second half.

So, Sekhar acted accordingly and altered his plan of placing the song in the opening half to shifting it to the latter half. Upon feedback from the censor officials, Saranga Dariya was moved from the opening half to the second half.

This move didn’t work well, much to the dismay of the viewers. Sekhar Kammula might have reasons behind the misplacement of Saranga Dariya but he, in a way, wasted a chartbuster