Vidyu-RamanWhen we are in the age, fighting out at the body shamers and asking them to have some shame, here the filmmakers can’t think beyond body shaming an actress who is talented but a bit on the heavier side. We are talking about how Vidyullekha Raman was being portrayed in our films.

Someone on the social media observed that she has got two roles recently in which she keeps eating. The movies are ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ and today’s release ‘Paper Boy‘. Can’t the makers think beyond her physique and connect it to food? Is body shaming the only way to generate comedy?

Social media users are asking the filmmakers to use her talent and stop body shaming as she has potential to deliver better. Fun can be generated in a different manner. This is what they opine and we completely agree with their opinion. It’s disgusting and regressive to see our filmmakers following a contrived model to show our female comedians. Sad!