Still No Regrets Missing Baahubali - Rajiv KanakalaRight from Rajamouli’s first film ‘Student No. 1’, actor Rajiv Kanakala, husband of popular anchor Suma had been part of several films of the director. But, he missed ‘Baahubali’ and has no regrets on missing the magnum opus.

Rajamouli wanted Rajiv Kanakala’s dates for three days. Then, Rajiv was busy with a small budget film in which he was playing the lead. The makers of that film compromised to allot two days for Rajamouli’s film. Jakkanna wanted three days, which became impossible for Rajiv to accommodate.

Though he missed Baahubali, Rajiv hopes that he would have a role in the director’s next projects. Well, being a part of Baahubali would be memorable experience. But, we don’t think Rajamouli would stop at this? As audiences we can nurture dreams that Rajamouli is going to beat his own records. Rajiv might be part of one of them. What say?