Still looking for a name for the baby – Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun, who recently became a dad, is all set to celebrate his first birthday with his kid. He’ll be bringing back his wife and his child from the hospital, today. A party is being arranged at his farm house and he has invited his close friends and celebrity friends for it.

All new to the Dad feeling, Arjun is very excited and has said that a marriage starts only after a child is born. Until then, it is more like dating the person and being with the loved ones all the time. He, along with the mom, Sneha, are yet to name the kid and they say that they have already thought of few un-finalized names and are looking for more. The fans are eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of the child but they’ll have to wait for few more days as the child is too young, now.

His new movie, Race Gurram will be released this week, he’ll be taking some time off from projects to stay with his wife and son for a month or two and take care of them. However, he will be promoting for the movie for some more time because it is important too, he said.