Steven Spielberg RajamouliLegendary Hollywood filmmaker, Steven Spielberg took part in a promotional interview with SS Rajamouli and the duo discussed a few interesting points.

Rajamouli asked Spielberg about how Indian filmmakers can improve their chances at the Oscars.

“The key thing here is telling your own stories. Cater to your audiences. Keep saying your stories in the most diverse ways possible. That will take you to places. I believe originality is the most important thing” Spielberg said.

Spielberg added that a filmmaker should act like he knows every skill in the world in order to excite the entire crew. Acting weak will dampen the whole atmosphere and lead to further mistakes.

This epic interview between the legendary Spielberg and Rajamouli has become a hot topic now. The very fact that a native Telugu filmmaker took part in an interview with a Hollywood legend like Spielberg is as exciting as it can get.